Connected to the internet are hundreds, if not thousands of live webcams or CCTV cameras. Many of these cameras are connected to the internet for public viewing. All of these cameras can be found by using any search engine such as Google if you know what to look for.

Many of these cameras are connected to the internet to provide a service to customers, to advertise a business, or just for fun. The owners want you to use them.

However, many of these cameras are connected for private reasons – such as watching the back-yard whilst the owner is in work, or for watching the coffee pot from down the office. Many of these cameras are “open” – they are connected to the internet and don’t have any security installed. They may be called CCTV but they are not closed! Many of the owners don’t know, or don’t care, that these cameras can be used by anyone connected to the internet. The cameras may also be covert surveillance cameras or security webcams. Now you can see what these hidden CCTV security cameras are watching!

This site lists some of these thousands of cameras and gives you some information about where the camera is and what it’s watching.

Note that some of the cameras don’t work very well in Internet Explorer. We have found that most of the cameras work well with Firefox and we thoroughly recommend that you install and use this browser.

If this is the first time that you have used this site then please read the information below carefully.

Please be aware that we don’t have any control as to what you may see through these webcams. Most of the time the content is pretty boring, however, you may be shocked or disturbed with what you see. We don’t knowingly link to any camera with dubious content. This site does not link to adult, porn or sex webcams.
You view at your own risk and we accept no responsibility for any cameras that we may link to. The use of these cameras may be illegal in your jurisdiction. We accept no responsibility for your use of these cameras. Please read our Disclaimer in full.

Camera Owners
If you are the owner of a camera that we link to please read our Camera Owners page. We will remove the link to your camera at any time at your request.

To view some of the webcams or CCTV you may be prompted to download a viewer to your PC. These downloads are coming from the webcam itself. This site does not provide any downloads. These downloads are normally an ActiveX control or a Java Applet. They are normally supplied by the webcam manufacturer. You should apply normal security measures as to whether you should accept the ActiveX control or not. If you cannot view the cameras check that Java is enabled in your brower, and that your browser security setting allow you to download and run ActiveX controls. We cannot provide any support or advice on how to view a particular camera on your computer. For testing your Java configuration and more info then go here – http://javatester.org/index.htm. For more info on Internet Explorer security go here – http://www.microsoft.com/

Be sensible
You should be aware that watching live webcams will mean that potentially a large amount of data is sent to your PC. You need a fast internet connection to view most of the cameras. If you view the cameras at work then a large amount of data will be sent across your work network. This may affect the performance of your work network and may bring your viewing to your employer’s attention. You should ensure that you abide by your employer’s code of conduct. Your viewing also has an affect on the network of the camera’s host. When finished viewing you should move to another internet page to stop the video streaming to you.

Many of the cameras have a separate login to administer the camera. If you use the admin function on the camera then in your jurisdiction you may be regarded as using the camera illegally. Some of the cameras may be controlled without entering in a password. In some jurisdictions this may be illegal. In some jurisdictions even viewing the camera’s image may be illegal. We are not legal experts. You should take local advice if you are not sure of any aspect of your use of the cameras. We do not condone the illegal use of the cameras that we link to in any way.

This site does not knowingly link to adult, porn or sex webcams.